Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wet Wednesday Fun

Our summer tradition, on Wednesdays, is to have fun playing in the water - wading pool, water guns, sponges, sprinkler or slip-n-slide.

Today we started out inside, making some fun new 4th of July crafts. First we finished off another piece of our parade costume for tomorrow's early Independence Day celebration - more details and pictures tomorrow! We are so excited!

Then we made adorable little flag decorations using craft sticks! Everyone loved waving their flags and shouting, "Happy 4th of July!"

After lunch, we changed into our swimsuits and headed outside for Wet Wednesday. We started out with the sprinkler - which was a lot of fun for a few minutes, then we had a bee sting tragedy and that just sorta killed the fun.

After the doctoring was done, we set up a slip-n-slide extravaganza in a spot without so dang much clover (thanks to the C family for the extra slip-n-slide and the great idea!)! This kept all the kids busy for the rest of our outside time!

We had some pretty expert sliders...

We had those that liked to carefully walk down the slide while getting wet from the water spray...

We had some assisted sliders...

And we had some serious-looking wipe outs (that really weren't serious at all!)!

But what we all had was a great time!

We finished up our water play today with a popsicle then headed in for naps. The best thing about Wet Wednesday is this:

Within about 3 minutes of everyone laying down to rest they are zonked out and zonked out hard!!

Check back in with us tomorrow to see the fun we have with our early Independence Day celebration!

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