Friday, June 4, 2010


We've had a great, fun week. We've touched on some fun gardening info this week. Here's where we talked about the parts of a plant - seeds, roots, stems, leaves and what they needed to grow - they all loved showing me the different points.

As God helped us out by watering our flowers and veggies this week, we had lots of talks about what our gardens need and how we can help them out and did lots of pretending! Pretending to be seeds that grow, pretending to plant a garden and pick veggies from a garden and so much more!

And today - we just played! We deemed today Fun Friday and had a blast playing in the water!

Playing with our new toy sink...

Playing in the little wading pool...

Playing in the sprinkler...

I think the looks of pure joy say it all - It really was a "fun Friday!"

And to top it off, we got to cool down with pop ice! Love it!

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