Friday, June 11, 2010

Bubbles, Balloons, Water & More!

This has been another fun-filled week crammed with all kinds of silliness!

L'il B wanted a Jayhawk in his hair (mohawk), so we did it! the angry face...

the happy face...

My kids found a couple turtles we got to observe this week! They watched the turtle run in imaginary races and watched them in the special house they made for them after which I got to do some fun disinfecting things, but we all have fun when the kids get to discover animals! And then we let them go into the little creek so they could go back to their homes.

We have been practicing bubble blowing and today worked on it some more! Everyone's getting the hang of it!

Spencer has even discovered that if you soak your hands in bubble solution, you can catch big bubbles and play with them - stretching them,

pulling them apart & re-blowing them!

This afternoon we had another Fun Friday and got to play in the water. We filled the wading pool with water and lots of sudsy bubbles to play in! What fun!

I think everyone's favorite thing was to watch for worms that would come to the surface when the ground got wet from all the splashing - the boys LOVE worms!

First L'il B found a little one and he was pretty happy with that...

Then M found a Big ol' nightcrawler...

And L'il B wasn't so happy anymore because his wasn't as big. I really don't like to admit I was amused by his fit, but it was some good entertainment! He was sooooo mad!

We also broke out some water balloons today! Had lots of fun throwing them at each other...

Ooooh - Spencer got Miss K good....

And, I was so proud! She could've gotten mad and pouted, but no! She wound up and nailed him good!!

Or at nothing..

L'il Miss K is throwing at the slide!

Chloe is biting the balloon!!

and ended up soaked!

One of the best ways to get wet!

Tyler's friend, R got Spencer with a big splash!

And he proceeded to pay her back by sticking a balloon up the back of her shirt! Good payback!

Next week is camping week and we'll be working on a fun Father's Day surprise! Can't wait!

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