Monday, May 17, 2010

Trail Ridin' by Tyler

As I was doing some major cleaning this weekend, I found a poem Tyler wrote last fall that I'd stashed. It was a great reminder of the fun we all have together with our quads!

We had fun as we played
all Saturday
in the awesomest ways.

Level 1 is green,
Level 2 is blue,
Level 3 is red
which I wouldn't do!

We went down some steep slopes
almost 90 degrees.
I thought they'd be hard,
but I slid down with ease.

I went really fast -
as fast as I could.
I pushed down the throttle
as far as it would.

I went with my mom.
I went with my dad.
They'd both taught me lots;
both of them had.

Me and my mom,
we always got stuck -
so very many times in
deep brown muck.

But we learned from each one
how to get free and undone
and I have to admit,
in the mud, I had fun!

I learned also from Dad
which hills were good and bad
and I did some things
that I never had!

We went through shallow creeks,
puddles & mud galore.
I had so much fun,
I want to do it some more!

In the creek I spun doughnuts,
slipping everywhere,
got mud up my back and
all through my hair!

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