Thursday, May 27, 2010

The First of our Summer Good-Bye's

So, it has started - this time I have been dreading. My group of five year old girls are starting to fly the coop... One to move to a new home before starting kindergarten, the others to integrate into the school child-care program before the beginning of the school year. I have loved having this group of girls in my care and seeing the incredible friends they have become! I am exciting to get to see them start this next chapter of their lives as they move up into school, but I will the day-to-day with them!

Yesterday was Miss M's last day with us as she and her family prepare to move. I enjoyed having Miss M for the past 10 months and watching her grow from a shy, quiet little girl to a fun-loving girl who wants to be right in the middle of what everyone has is doing, too! I watched her develop friendships with the other girls her age and with the younger kids, too.

I loved getting to watch her learn and develop her skills as we went through our pre-school lessons.

Thanks for giving me the privilege of caring for your precious daughter - she is truly a blessing! Good luck to you on as you prepare to move!

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