Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Creepy Crawlies

Yesterday was the beginning of our unit on bugs -eeeeewwww! I cannot stand real-live bugs and will pretty much refuse to touch most kinds, but I love teaching the kids about bugs, watching them hunt bugs, doing bug art - the kids love it, so it's hard not to enjoy their fun!

We've been hunting bugs to study in our bug cages - the hunt is every bit as much fun as the observation and has brought on some excellent teamwork!

Yesterday, before the wind blew back in, we made some fly-swatter art. This was something different and fun and turned out super cute! We just dipped (new!) flyswatters in paint and whacked away at our papers.

We've spent some time picking up plastic bugs and studying them and pretending they're real as well as exercising our finger muscles by using little tweezers.

While we've been spending so much time outside in this beautiful spring weather, we've also been finding other treasures - today, a robin's egg shell and some feathers; yesterday, a snakeskin!

And, as much fun as we've been having with bugs, we've also made time to do some work on a fun Mother's Day surprise!

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