Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

This week we've been able to enjoy all different kinds of Kansas spring weather! We saw warmth and sunshine, wind, rain, thunder and wrapped up the week with more beautiful sunshine! We love playing outside and just enjoying this gorgeous spring!

We've also been exploring some of the other fun parts of Spring - like the birds returning. We made some binoculars and did some bird-watching.

And as we looked around we saw... the handprint birds we made this week!

We also talked about how so many trees have blossoms now - like these!

The kids made their own blooming branches to take home - so pretty (and they don't make me sneeze!)

We've been practicing our name recognition and spelling this week as well, including making fun, bright "stained glass" style name art!

Can't wait for more beautiful Spring weather and art next week!

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