Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Saturday

This Saturday was a whirlwind! Bronson and I got up and left home by 7:15 to drive down to Chanute to look at a new toy for me! And luckily, this time - it was just what it was advertised to be and we brought it home!

Isn't she cute?

This is Rhonda the Honda.

She is a Honda TRX300X and I love her already! She is actually for Tyler and I to share - Tyler has outgrown the little one and now she can ride this one while her brother and sister take turns on the little one and her dad and I take turns on the big one. Or I can ride Rhonda so I can go ride with Bronson or with either of the younger two! Since we just can't afford or haul 5 four-wheelers right now, this will give us so many more options! I cannot wait til we get the rest of her after-market parts so we can get her out and get her dirty!

I was excited about picking up a new toy, but really not about the trip, but it turned out to be a very nice time with just my hubby and I - and that just doesn't get to happen very often. We got to talk and laugh and just relax together a little. There were some great sights - we saw a cute little car with a leopard print paint job! The trees were all green or blooming and were beautiful. Some cute little towns we drove through. Some not so cute towns, too, but they still provided some great sights.... Like the bar I saw in one town - to say that it looked like a shack is being generous. Behind it, but attached to the building was a chain link dog pen - full of empty beer cases and bottles and then the best part of it was the sign on the back that said, "Bert's Bar - We Only Look Expensive!" I laughed for miles after that one!

We got home a little after 1, rode her around a little, then I changed clothes real quick and headed up to the school to set up and get ready for the PTO school carnival. I got to work on the carnival committee this year with some great parents and I had a blast getting ready for this and I have to say - it was a big success! The kids all had a great time! and the volunteers may have left tired, but not cranky!

The faves were the face painting,

the obstacle course

and the "Pick Your Nose" game

- Chloe picked the nose, then ran over to me and said, "I got boogers!" - too funny!

It was a crazy, busy day, but all in all, a very good one!

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