Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breakin' it Down

We've been continuing to learn about healthy foods, the food pyramid and the food groups. Yesterday we all worked together to make our own food pyramid.

Everyone took turns sorting out pictures of different types of food and gluing them in the groups they belong.

I love seeing them categorize every food we eat now - they are so excited to have learned something new!

Today we talked about the Dairy food group - we talked about where dairy products comes from, dairy cows, and the many different types of foods in the dairy group. A chart was created to show how many kids like chocolate milk and how many like regular milk - surprising to me, it was half and half exactly!

We made pudding with milk by shaking the ingredients in a baggie - everyone got a turn and we didn't even end up with pudding splattered onto the walls (though I did wonder there for a minute!)

Once our pudding was made, everyone got to finger-paint with it - having lots of fun with the ooey-gooey slippery texture.

Of course, licking their fingers was their favorite part. Once they were done with their paintings, the kiddos got to snack on the pudding that was left - yum!

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