Monday, March 1, 2010

Under the Big Top

The last time we went to the circus was probably 8 or 9 years ago. Tyler was little, Spencer was around his "terrible 2s" and a handful. The experience scarred us and we stayed away from the circus, fearing the behavior of our children.

This year, we attempted the circus again and it was great! We (thankfully) had free tickets! We showed up an hour early and were able to walk around with the kids and check things out.

They met the clowns and got their autographs. Chloe, especially loved this! She ended up with lots of "I hugged a clown" stickers!

The older kids loved the ring-master's big ol' yellow Burmese python, "Sweetheart." They got to hold her while they got a picture taken and since they were from a snake family, the ring-master spent all kinds of time talking with them about snakes while a line for the pictures just formed on behind us - it was pretty cool! "Sweetheart" weighed 65 pounds! Big Snake!

And of course, the loved the treats, too! Especially the cotton candy and sno-cones! Yummmmm!

We really enjoyed almost everything - and it was great to have the kids get excited about the acts and actually watch them! Some of our favorite acts were the elephants...

...and the tigers...

... and of course, the motorcycles in the cage!

The only thing I can say we didn't like were all the ridiculous light-up toys that made noise or were shaped like big ol' long swords. The kids behind us shot their guns the whole time making annoying electronic noises, or dropped them under our seats over and over. The kid in front of us kept swinging his sword around practically hitting Bronson and I with it over and over. We got to where if we saw it coming our way, we'd push it back toward him. I think by the end of the show he was scared of us, but come on! His grandmother was just completely ignoring how he was nearly whacking everyone with it. Oh well..... At least our kids didn't whine for any of those silly, over-priced toys this time! :o)

We probably won't go back every year, but I can honestly say we no longer fear the circus and will look forward to going again someday!


Tonya said...

How fun!!! The clown w/the orange hair is my friend, Kathy's husband! We've found out in the past year or so that Eli's afraid of clowns....who knew! So, I don't think there will be a trip to the circus for us anytime soon. AND it's always the weekend of his birthday.

That snake alone is enough to keep me away! ;)

Miss you!

Dawn Estes said...

The clowns were great - what a small world that one of the few pics of clowns I got was your friend's hubby!

Chloe used to be really scared of anything in costume, so to see her be open and have fun with the clowns was great!

Hope E had a great bday weekend!