Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's Eggs-citing!

As we get ready for all kinds of Easter fun over the next couple weeks, we started out today talking about eggs.

We talked about how eggs come from birds and many birds lay their eggs in a nest. Then we made adorable paper bag nests!

And dainty little Rice Krispy Treat nests with green coconut grass and little jelly bean eggs.

They were delicious!

We talked about how all eggs are not white and took a look at brown eggs gathered by Spencer at our good buddy's Brandon's house! and ate them hard-boiled with our lunch. Everyone was amazed that they looked the same as a white egg once they were peeled!

We also broke out a basket full of plastic Easter eggs! I wrote lowercase and uppercase letters on the eggs and the kids spent a lot of time this morning matching them up! Super Fun!

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