Friday, March 26, 2010

Puppy Sisters

We've enjoyed our canine kids for years now and I am still amused every time I look at them! We got Josie first - for me. I love me a little lap dog. We got her as a teeny tiny puppy about 8 years ago. She stayed teeny tiny since she's a cute little miniature dachsund. Josie is one of the loves of my life and a real personality! She has to sit on something soft - the couch, a chair, a blanket, a pillow. And she likes to be under the covers most of the time. If you are watching tv or reading with a blanket, she's right on your lap under it. At night, she sleeps with Bronson and I (because she is very, very spoiled) and needs to sleep under the covers. She is finicky with it though, and depending on the temperature at bedtime, she'll need to choose which covers to be under, so we have to give her the option to crawl under the comforter, the comforter and blanket or the comforter, blanket and sheet. If she gets warm in the night, she'll sleep like a human - body under the covers, head on the pillow. She's a nut!

We attempted to get her a friend to play with when she was around 2. A trip to the pound and we found a cute mutt who they thought would stay little. Nope! Anyone who has met Tess knows she is a big ol' barrel with legs and is certainly no lap dog! Tess is the only one of our dogs that knows any commands. She will sit (but who are we kidding... she prefers to sit because she's so fat, it's hard to lift all that body off the ground!), and she shakes hands which she Loves to do!

Second try - a hunt began for another weinie dog to be Josie's "sister". My mom found a classified ad for miniature dachsunds; I made the call and the arrangements to go check them out. Teeny tiny little puppies again - met the mom and dad doggies who were also teeny tiny; maybe not as tiny as Josie, but definitely minature.

So, Katie came home to be Josie's sister. Their colors were so close and Katie was such a cute little puppy - we got collars in different colors so we could tell them apart. Then Katie began to grow. And grow and grow and grow. As as she grew to full size we came to the realization that she is definitely NOT a miniature. She's easily 2 1/2 - 3 times Josie's size. Katie has delegated herself as Spencer's dog and chooses to play with him and sit with him most often. When he goes to bed at night, she goes to sleep with him until we put her in her "bed" when we head to sleep. If Spencer is not here, she runs around the house looking for him. She is so much bigger than Josie, but knows Josie is the boss! If the girls get to playing and wrestling, Katie will always end up belly-up with her legs in the air to "give up" to Josie - it's hilarious! But, she doesn't really know how stinkin' big she is! She loves to snuggle with poor Josie and tries to lay on top of her all the time; Josie always wiggles out because Katie just squishes the heck out of her! They lreally ove each other and we love them both - big and little!

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