Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing Hookey

So, on Friday it happened. It only happens once, maybe twice, each year. I only had a couple of daycare kids - the rest were out for the day. It was to be a beautiful day for at least most of the day and to top it off, it was the last day of Spring Break for my kids.... So, we decided to play hookey from the daycare and just have a day playing as friends and off we went!

To the zoo. I hadn't been to the Topeka zoo for a couple years and I was pleasantly surprised. We had a wonderful time. The exhibits were great, the kids were awesome, Tyler was an incredible helper, the weather was wonderful and we just had a blast!

The gang - posing on a bear!

C and K posing!

Ty helped the little ones get brave about petting the goats.

B feeding the goats- he thought it was funny! K-- not so much - she pretty much just threw food at them!

The playground outside the petting zoo exhibit was lots of fun!

What a bunch of monkeys!

Love the fish tank! Where's Nemo and Dory?

She was so so bored of us all watching her!

K peeking at the lionesses.

Big mouth Hippo - did you know they give them jello cups as treats?

Got to see the giraffes up close while they were still inside the building.

This little guy was loose in the rain forest - the kids loved finding it!

Looking at the otters...


All the birds in the rain forest were fun to watch!

But it was Stinky when you first headed in!

Ty and B were good buddies all day!

and C and K were, too!

When we were done there, we headed to Sonic playland for lunch and a little play time, then to WalMart because I didn't have any dog food left, so we picked out some new outside toys for the daycare area. Lastly, we ran to the library so everyone could help pick some new books to borrow for a while.

It was a wonderful day and I was so happy to be able to end a crazy Spring Break week on such a fun note!

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