Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Spring Day!

We started out with a little entertainment from my "big kids" as they were here for an extra hour and a half while the school had another late start day - my favorite days each month (can you hear the sarcasm?) Once they headed on their merry way and we settled down and stopped showing off enough to pick up a little bit and spend some time with books, we had a visit from our old buddy, W, his mama and his new baby sister. The kids had a great time checking out and oohing and ahhing over the baby and playing with their friend they've been missing!

We jumped right into pre-school after that and continued talking about the Z sound as we made zig zag pictures with ribbon.

We also added more flowers to our paper garden by stamping the end of a bunch of celery in red paint - makes rose prints! Too cool!

This week's CD of choice has been a new favorite as we've spent a lot of time dancing to songs from their favorite Disney movies! They love it!!

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