Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just a few quick notes on some things I just couldn't resist sharing.

Kansas Day Art

Chloe made this adorable Jayhawk at school last week for Kansas Day! He was too cute not to display. I was sorely tempted to hang him w/a noose around his neck just to mess with a certain daycare daddy who might see him like that, but I chose not to....

Free Furniture

Yesterday Bronson came home hauling this dresser. Someone had it sitting out by the curb with a "free" sign on it. It's in very good shape and we even searched through it for drugs or something horrible and found nothing like that, so it's going to go to Chloe's room tonight!

Creative Kitchen

If you leave hamburger buns off your grocery list by accident and already have the hamburgers made for lunch, just get out your handy-dandy Pampered Chef Cut & Seal and make your own "buns" from regular ol' white bread!

Color Coordination

I have gotten tired of hunting down towels for the kids' bathroom every other day and washing 8,436 cups every day. Sooooo - each of my kiddos now has their own specified color of towel in their bathroom - so I can tell who isn't hanging theirs up, who is shoving it under the sink or under their bed. They each have only 2 - when they misplace them both or leave a wet one on the floor, they're just outta luck until laundry day after that! So far, so good.

Same concept with their drinking glasses. I can only run the dishwasher so many times each day... Now each of the kids has their own special glass and they start with at breakfast, then need to rinse and re-use throughout the day! Really helps me out and is teaching them some responsibility!

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