Friday, February 26, 2010

Eeewww! Look at Those Sugar Bugs!

We continued, today, talking about how to keep our teeth healthy. To demonstrate the need for healthy snacks vs. sweets and sugary snacks, we did a very visual project...

First, everyone ate 2 oreos. we discussed how sugar snacks like cookies are OK "sometimes" snacks, but not all the time. (And yep, I caved and I ate 2 oreos, too! And they were worth every one of those 6 grams of fat in them!) Anyway, once we ate them, everyone smiles and opened their mouths and showed their friends all the nasty, sugary yuck still stuck in their teeth! Eeeew!!!

Then we switched gears and passed out good, yummy, crunchy healthy apples. Delicious! And they cleaned all those sugar bugs right out of everyone's teeth!

We also talked about flossing and decorated a picture of a big ol' toothbrush by dipping floss in paint and dragging it across the picture. Turned out super cute!

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