Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Howling Great Halloween!

This Halloween was one of my favorites! We had a great time getting the kids all dressed up and made up in their costumes!

Chloe was an adorable Monster Child - even with the stitches on her face, she was just stinkin' cute!

Spencer was an evil jester - Scary! He even won the scariest costume contest in his 5th grade class!

Tyler was - well, we're not real sure, but she was adorable! She did end up telling people she was a zombie!

I had a great time when all my little friends came to trick or treat at our house! I loved seeing old friends and new ones and getting to ooh and aah over everyone's costumes! I just love these kids!

We had a fun night hanging out with our friends, Lisa and Shannon and their awesome kids Hali and Zack. Lisa and I took the kids out trick-or-treating while the guys stayed home watching scary shows on tv and handing out candy! Lisa and I even dressed up! (and this was totally her idea - and a little bit of Bronson's....) She was a sperm and I was the egg - there was No Way she was fertilizing me! Thanks, friend, for a great night! We ate chili dogs and tortilla chips with dip, brownies and candy and watched a scary movie after trick-or-treating!

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