Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday

It was my first time and I wavered between loving it, having a huge adrenaline rush, being completely overwhelmed, being exhausted, laughing hilariously, zoning out. I went shopping with all the bargain hunters - and one of my dearest friends - on Black Friday!

Brandi and I met at IHOP at 1:30AM! for a (normally) yummy breakfast and some (questionable) service by our half-awake waitress... Brandi, the Crazy Lady had just driven from Colorado after being with her sister for the birth of her new niece! Eight hour drive, then up for a middle-of-the-night breakfast and shopping with me!

In Wally World - our first stop.

Almost right away, Brandi finds a great deal! This stop was going to be just a scope things out run, we got there about 2:30 a.m., but quickly realized we'd be in line for one of my "must-have" items for one of my kids. Can't say what it is in case of little eyes checkin' out the blog, but we found the line, grabbed a voucher and hunkered down!

We actually had a great time in line! We met all kinds of people and had a blast chatting with everyone! We had some incredible team work! When 5:00 hit, Brandi turned in our vouchers for the hot item, I hit the crowds to pull some of our desired toys off pallets and we headed for the check-out line - where we were for an HOUR!

Here we are about mid-way through, after Toys R Us, before our second wind...

And the 2nd wind is beginning, as we see the sunrise walking from Toys R Us to Tar-jay!

Brandi was fading seriously while we were in line at Tar-jay! Note how long the line was.... Winding behind and through all the kids clothes before hitting the registers!

By the time we left Tar-jay, I was just plain loopy! How much do you love these great hot pink mega-glasses I found in Brandi's van?! And notice how full to the brim with packages the back of the van was? And let me just tell you - a lot of it was not mine!

Just outside of Bath & Body works - Saying NO MORE! I am DONE! It was about 9:30a.m., went home, unloaded, vegetated for a while and took a NAP!

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