Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Getaway Day 4

The last day of our weekend getaway was spent at Worlds of Fun! We were there from open til close and we had, well... worlds of fun! The older 2 kids rode every ride they could - most of them twice! Chloe rode a lot of rides, too - brave little girl. Bronson and I are 100% not ride people, but did ride the Scrambler with the kids and the train!

Oooh - they gonna get wet - I speak from experience. One of the few rides I rode that day! :o)

Great scared face, Ty... yeah, right!

See? wheeeeee!!!!!

Sea Dragon - Spencer wasn't too sure about this one...

But he was all for going on the Mamba... (after Daddy bribed him with $10 to do it!)

Goofin' around on the train - note the lovely 'do. Thanks to the Viking Voyager's water....

Brave/Stupid? kids on the Thunderhawk

Daddy horsing around with Chloe while Mommy stood in line to get our funnel cake!

We had the most fun watching the kids have fun and enjoying all the fall and Halloween decorations. The perfect end to a fun weekend!

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