Wednesday, October 7, 2009

H is for...

Having fun at daycare!

This week we've done lots of fun H projects - colored a picture of a Hippo, stamped Hearts onto letter H cutouts, we pretended to did some hopping,

we pretended to Hike,

we galloped like Horses,

we pretended to Hammer,

we Howled like coyotes.

We've been learning about the color orange - fingerpainting with yellow and red to make orange.

We've also been exploring apples - tasting red, green and yellow apples; stamping with apples in paint, coloring a picture of apple trees, singing lots of apple songs and today - as we began exploring the number 5, we made 5 finger-print apples on a colored apple tree - even the littlest ones were counting to 5 along with me!

And, then - perfect for both the letter H and the number 5, the girls had lots of fun singing one of their favorite songs "Five Little Hot Dogs"!

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Anonymous said...

Cute! That is one of my favorite songs!