Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goin' Batty!

As we continue talking about night creatures this week, we explored bats today! We spent some time talking about some bat facts, then we got out our little bats to do some counting and sorting.

(Yes, we were loving our jacket and hat today!)

We made adorable marble-painted bats! Everyone, but especially the littler ones, love shaking the box, making the marble run all over their bat cut outs and turn them black - they feel so big when they're done!

We had a lot of fun pretending to be bats and "hanging" upside down from the (short, kid-sized, not-far-to-fall) table - got all but one to do it! Very brave!

Miss K was the first one to jump on the table and start goin' batty!

Miss M is a Pro - looks like a bat to me!

I love what A's hair does when she becomes a bat!

L'il B - just barely peekin' over!

Mr. M - Peek a Boo!

It took Miss K a while to warm up to the idea and then I could barely get her off the table!

And as I laid under the table to snap some pix of my little bats, they all dog-piled me and laid on the snuggles & smooches! It was a great time!

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