Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Fun

Yesterday was just a beautiful fall day. We enjoyed lots of outside time!

B peek-a-boo-ing from the tractor tires

Miss A running across the "bridge"

L'il Miss K and M following right after A

Fearless Miss A jumping off the spools

Miss K and Miss M have quickly become best buds

B thinks, "Hmmmm, what next?"

The girls love the tractor tires, but M - that just looks scary!

Miss K trying to get B to look at the camera - one of those "take a picture of us!" moments

M - upside-down on the climbing circle!

L'il Miss K - working so hard at hanging from the climbing circle!

A speeding by on the scooter!

We even found this really cool leaf bug!

I love outside time during the fall!

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