Thursday, September 24, 2009


Seems like it's slow coming sometimes with this walkway project, but we are getting there...

Every step is dug out now to its exact specifications, we are in the process of adding a retaining wall to each step on the side opposite the house.

Weed fabric is going down.

Stones will be ordered early next week - the end is near!

(though I think some of our little friends enjoy watching the work and won't be as excited when it's done!)

And - my husband rocks. He has given up nearly every daylight moments of every evening and weekend for over 3 weeks. He has hand-excavated over 50! jumbo wheelbarrows full of dirt. He has studied and researched and learned and planned so that he does this the best way possible - never having done anything similar before - all to help save us a little money and make things much more convenient for the daycare families. I am so proud of him and can't wait until he can see the finished project and have some time for himself again!

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