Thursday, September 17, 2009

E is for...

Eggs! As we explore the letter E this week, we had fun in the kitchen making devilled eggs! I cooked and peeled the eggs, cut them in half and dumped the yolks into a baggie, we added all the good stuff and then everyone got the chance to help smoosh it together to make the filling for our eggs. Everyone took this job seriously.

And then, when it came to filling the eggs - very serious time, lots of concentration!

The best part, though, was getting to eat them along with our lunch!

We've had a busy pre-school week. We've been talking about the letter E...

the number 3... We colored with 3 crayons taped together!

We've been exploring our community as well. We talked about our community grocery store - and the types of things we might find there and made a collage of various grocery items cut from ads. We also talked about the many ways the people who work in a grocery store are there to help us.

We talked about firefighters and how they help us. This was a great opportunity for us to talk about 911 and Stop, Drop and Roll! We also made super fun "fire" fingerpaintings while reviewing the colors red, yellow and orange.

Today we discussed police officers and how they help us in our community. We colored a picture of a couple of kids talking with an officer to reinforce that police officers are not scary but are our friends and are here to help us. We also did some more color review as we made paper traffic lights.

Tomorrow we'll look at how a mail carrier and the post office help the community! Super Fun Week!

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