Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost There...

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with this walkway project. Bronson got all the steps and retaining walls set this weekend and just has to finish up a couple more timbers to box in the landings at the top and the bottom. He ordered our 9,000! pounds of rock yesterday and it was delivered today. Once all those 9,000 pounds of rock are moved from the big pile in the driveway to the boxed in landings of the walkway, they'll be done and ready to use!

Steps set, retaining walls set, landings boxed in and ready to fill....

9,000 pounds of Missouri River Rock in the bed of the Jackson's Greenhouse delivery truck. The delivery driver was about 12 and a confused? gangsta/skater wannabe? He had the shaggy dog hairdo so many of the boys like now and was wearing 3 pairs of shorts! Two of the pair were settle down below his booty. A very good look (not), but anyway...

Awww. Let the rocks start to trickle off as soon as he pulls the tailgate.

And... Let the dumping begin!

And - a big pile of rock. Tell me, does it look like 9,000 pounds? Or several hundred dollars worth?

And here is where the 12 year old delivery drive backed off our driveway into the ditch, breaking off one of the reflectors marking where the drop-off is and gouging the concrete with the bottom of the truck. Nice.

Tonight we all get to enjoy the beginning of shoveling rock into wheelbarrows and getting it set in the landings. Fun stuff, but so close to done!

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