Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chloe's New Look

Today was the big day. The day Chloe went to Miss Heather to get her hair cut off for Locks of Love!

Heather is putting the long, blonde hair into pony tails to be cut off.

And the cutting begins...

One Gone (Oh My Gosh!)

And both of 'em! Chloe thought it was so cool to hold her hair!

Getting' styled up...

We turned the big event into a girls day of beauty for Chloe and her friends.

Chloe got her nails done.

Everyone got some fun colored streaks put in their hair along with fresh new cuts for the start of school!

Gaby got blue.

Kadyn got pink.

Laura's neighbor buddy, Kelsey got pink.

Kylea got teal.

Chloe got pink.

Laura and Brandi and I had a great time with the girls!

After the morning of beauty we went to lunch at Casa!

Thanks for making a big milestone a fun day as well! Love ya!

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