Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Addition - to the playground!

Slooooowly but surely we are adding new fun adventures to our outdoor playground. Last night we finally got set up a new climbing toy...

...Made from Big Ol' Wooden Spools!

We were lucky enough to come across these great spools and knew there would be Something we could do with them. They fit together just right and made this fun climbing/jumping toy!

Now, I know it's lookin' a little "ghetto" to use my buddy's word, but obviously the kids are lovin' it already - ghetto or not! A little paint, a little imagination and it will be a definite favorite!

Three big spools - a couple wide logs for steps - perfect for climbing up!

Flat surfaces to walk across - and curved!

Patience, Patience - Learning to take turns is so important.

The best part - being up just high enough for a great big jump off at the end! And then around to do it again!

And, that's not all! Just enough space underneath to crawl and peek through as well!

Next on the agenda?! Who knows but we've still got a ton of great ideas to implement and can still use your "treasures!" Thanks for all your goodies!

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