Friday, May 8, 2009

Gettin' Ready for Mommy's Day

We've spent a lot of the week just getting used to our new space, our new routine, reconnecting with favorite toys and our friends. We have taken some time, over the past couple days, to work on little Mother's Day surprises for all the kids' mommies. I, quite honestly, had forgotten to see when Mother's Day was - and had not even thought about what gift we were going to make, what with all the chaos of the move.... Until Monday, when I frantically did some planning and sent my very helpful husband out shopping for supplies (for which I am very, very grateful!). Although this was some very last minute planning, I am pleased with what we ended up with. I am not going to show what we did as I don't want to give away the surprise, but let me tell you - the kids all worked very hard on their projects and had fun doing it!

We also took a break from all our "work" today to have a little dancing time (one of their favorite activities! I do believe we've got a few little divas in the group!

I am excited to have figured out how to upload video! Enjoy more videos from here on out!!


Anonymous said...

Too funny, LOVED the video!
Hey just so you know we really appreciate everything you do and how well you care for our kiddos. Happy Provider Day!

Anonymous said...

Love the video!!!! The Mother's Day gift was beautiful! You did a great job once again.


Laura Fluke said...

You rock.... it is that simple!!! Looks like the kids love their new space too!