Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Topeka Passion Play

This year, the kids and I were priviledged enough to participate in the Topeka Passion Play at our church again. Tyler and I have been involved for several years. Chloe started last year and this year was Spencer's first year. I was so proud of the job all the kids did this year - and amazed by the job the entire cast & crew did throughout this production.

A cast of over 100 told the story of Jesus - from His birth through His crucifixion and resurrection. It is a beautiful musical drama that has grown over the past 15 years.

This year Tyler was a townsperson who was also one of the girls baptised by Joe the Baptist in the beginning of the play. It was awesome to watch her interact with new friends and step into her role in the play.

Spencer had a sweet little speaking part along with Mike Denny - they were a father and son, talking about the story of Abraham and Isaac. They both did an incredible job! Here's a picture of Spencer and his little buddy, Austin. Spencer took little Austin under his wing and always watched out for him during each performance.

Chloe got to play Jairus' daughter - or lovingly called "The Dead Girl". She shared the role with her friend, Peyton, and they were both so excited to be involved in such a special part of the play. Here's a sequence of pictures from the play showing Jairus bringing poor, dead Chloe to Jesus and His healing her. It was beautiful and I love looking back on the pictures of it!

My role this year was totally behind the scenes and I loved it. I worked with a dear friend as a "producer" of this year's play. We arranged advertisers for the playbill, worked with the vender and the graphic designer, wrote the press release, worked to gather publicity, arranged for church sponsors of the play, set up a banquet for the sponsors and little bits of many other things for the months before and now after the play - it was a big job, but we enjoyed every minute and are so thankful to have been a part of it. At one point, we even took on the role of security at one of the dress rehearsals...

This year's play, of course, is over and I'm relieved for the break as this took up a lot of our time over the past several months, but I'm excited to see what next year will bring!

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