Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alphabet Review

The kids have all done a great job learning about each of the alphabet letters this year as we explored the Animated Alphabet together! I'm so proud of how many letters and letter sounds they're each recognizing already. Since we've already hit each of the letters once, we are beginning some review this week. Today we started what will be the first few pages of an Alphabet book they'll get to take home at the end of the school "year".

I helped everyone get into position to create letters with their bodies. They thought this was so much fun - and loved looking at the pictures of themselves afterward! I'm so excited to get through all the letters and put together a book for each of them to take home!

A (Baby B was quite done by the time I took the pic!)



D (W and Baby B wanted in on the action this time)



We also reviewed the letter A with an Apple coloring page. Everyone loves coloring time and does a great job working on their project independently and helping out their friends!

And - on a totally unrelated note, but a proud? parenting moment yesterday for me. My youngest two were loving the wind. They decided to fashion kites with things they found. Hence, their redneck kites... A plastic sack, some yarn and a tree limb... Viola!


Laura Fluke said...

Hum... good idea... I think we're doing that too!!! =) Cute pictures!

LauraB said...

What a creative way to teach the letters!! And having a picture for them to look at too is a great idea.

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog about the house. It was encouraging. Nick is working out of town and it is just so discouraging not to have any bites on the house. This is certainly not the best time to sell a house. I'm glad your sale went through. Have you moved yet?