Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the name of love - and hearts - and Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day is somehow right around the corner, our lessons have turned to include lots of hearts and lovely art projects!

We did start our week with a little lesson on Groundhog's Day. We talked a little bit about what happened on Groundhog's Day, on what a ground hog is and about shadows. We spent some time in a dark room with a flashlight to experiment with our shadows - making shadow puppets, watching our shadows grow bigger and smaller depending on where the light was - it was a lot of fun! Great way to include a little science in our everyday learning time!

Yesterday after working on this week's alphabet letter, we did a fun heart-shaped project. We used markers on a heart shape cut from a coffee filter. When everyone was done, we dunked the heart in water and watched the colors bleed together.

Today was my favorite so far. We did some coloring to start off - a very cute butterfly with all kinds of heart shapes all over her. The little boys are starting to enjoy coloring more and more (when they're not still trying to eat the crayons!)

I caught M with a smile today - he's good at giving 'em, but I haven't been good at catching 'em yet. And yep, there's Baby B in the background - eatin' the crayons.

W is getting into it some, too, but had more fun tossing the crayons today.

There's Baby B - coloring like a big boy!

Then we did a little painting. I carved heart shapes into a couple potato halves, mixed some red and white paint together and stamped heart images onto red paper. This was the first time I'd really done a painting project with the younger guys and they LOVED it! The older ones were pros and just dove right in and got done right away. The little guys loved the experience of grasping the potato, smacking it on the paper and watching what happened. I had so much fun watching them experience this today!
W doing his painting...
W examining the potato stamp - you can just see his little wheels a'turning.
Baby B thinks it's pretty fun!
M did a great job - he especially loved stamping it!
E is a pro!
The 2 K's are hard at work!
Watch for more fun Valentine's projects over the next couple of weeks!

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