Thursday, December 4, 2008

Everyone smile...

A couple weeks ago, before the weather changed over to this "colder than a w..." Oh, wait. Sorry, my chilled hands took over my brain there for a minute.... But, it's cold. Anyway - we headed out to the lake with a wonderful gal from church and she took our family pictures for us. We have 3 kids. They all have very big personalities. I love them all dearly, but picture time is not always something that works... T is a sometimes growly and often self-conscious teenager who had just been at a sleepover the night before - imagine the mood. S is a 10 year old brother - likes to pester, a little (OK, a lot) ornery. C is 6. Short attention span.

All those things considered, I am so very pleased with how these pictures turned out. The family one we picked is so "us" right down and dirty (get your minds out of the gutter) - laying in the leaves and having fun.

This one of the kids - as good as it was gonna get that day, but I love the expressions on all of their faces.

I even like this one of B and I. I don't think we've done a picture together since our wedding! Not bad for nearly 16 years later!

T. When did this happen? She's gorgeous. She's grown up. Sigh.

S. What a cutie! And - you can absolutely see that ornery gleam in his eyes.

C. This is beautiful! Love the way she looks, her smile and the fall tree in the background.

Just wanted to share!


Hege Renate said...

Your whole family is beautiful

Laura Fluke said...

hum.... I really don't like the pictures!!! I am so kidding, I really enjoy them and they make me smile- you have a wonderful family and they even photograph well!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! The pictures came out great!