Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Introducing - the Color BROWN

During our pre-school lesson time at daycare, we try to focus on reviewing, pretty strongly, one color a month - we hit on the other colors, but our main color for November is Brown. We did our first brown lessons of the year today and I must say - it was a hit!

Our first art of the day was to fingerpaint with chocolate pudding! Brown! and Yummy!

I made the pudding, blobbed some of glossy paper and let them have at it! (2 at a time - over linoleum in the kitchen, you know - gotta have some control...)

They had a great time smearing it around (and it really is pudding, not something disgusting!)

Then they had even MORE fun when they got to lick their fingers when they were finished smearing!

Even Baby B got in on the action! He liked playing with it - Hmmmm, what is this slimy, cold stuff?

But, tasting it - Yeah, Baby - That's what brings those big smiles!

We've been learning some fall and harvest songs this week as well.

Here they are knocking their heads in "I'm a Nut".

and watch those leaves fall in "Autumn Leaves are Falling!"

We've had a great couple days and I'm excited to finish out our harvest/leaves week this week and head into some fun Thanksgiving crafts


Laura Fluke said...

How fun is that??? They look they are having a lot of fun! Way to go superwoman.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you are either really brave or really crazy! Just kidding! That is why the kids love you!


Anonymous said...

It looks like they really had a great time; you are great; keep up the good work; everyone loves you and the wonderful things you come up with. Tammy

Anonymous said...

I think the "I'm a nut" pics are my favorite! They crack me up, and I soooo love that song!

Baby B looks pretty stinkin cute all chocolatey too though! How fun.